Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crouch Halloween Haiku Contest 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Crouch Halloween Haiku Contest. Enter your awesome haiku at the CFAL Service Desk (Crouch Fine Arts Library, 3rd floor Moody) by October 27th. Winners announced on Friday Oct. 29th.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

2009 Haiku Contest Winners

1st Place: Anson Jablinski

Toccata and fugue:
The birth of creepy music?
That wasn't Bach's plan!!

2nd Place: Mark Browning

The doorbell rang twice
The package was red and moist
UPS man laughs.


Wore last year's costume
Trying to save some money-
Got last year's candy.


Love your bloody saw,
I work in Acquisitions
Nothing scares me.

3rd Place: Myles Colbert

Holding Mother's hand
Human and Monster traverse
Candy littered paths.


Halloween's beauty
Lies not in Monsters and treats
But in a child's smile.

2009 Haiku Entries

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Crouch Halloween Haiku Contest: The Return...

Fans of the Crouch Fine Arts Library Halloween Haiku Contest are cheering in the streets following the appearance of what is now sure to be a semi-regular tradition.

The 2008 2nd Pseudo-Biannual Halloween Haiku Contest results are in. The prizes for this year were even more spectacular than before, thanks to Special Events Prize Coordinator, Mandi Marshall!

Following a weekend working retreat in the Balkans, the official award selection committee has released the following results:

First Place, "Best Last Lines," and "Haiku Triptych" awards go to...

Candy corn is gross
It’s the worst candy of all,
Except for wax lips.

I want a costume,
But when you are twenty-three
They are all slutty.

We will be a horse
This year for All Hallows Eve
You can be the butt.

-Jenny Maurer

Second Place and Best Music Theme Award goes to...

Dress music’ly themed
And then your costume will be
Sure to cause “treble.”

-Margaret Crites

Third Place and Most Ephemeral Last Line Award goes to...

Princesses and ghosts
Run from one house to the next
All for sugared bliss

-Alicia Fuhrman


Best Tim Burton Imagery

A scream in the night
Dark swaying of gnarled tress
Oh, Halloween time

-Casey Barillas

Best Marketing

Pumpkins and witches,
Decorations from Wal-mart,
Always low prices

-Adrien Lavernge


Staff Pick

Halloween at Crouch…
Don’t shelve in the dark corners-
Hidden ghosts will pounce!

-Katie White

Honorable Mentions

“The Joker’s Halloween”
As evil plagues night,
Tricksters fuel insanity
Why so serious?

-Aryc Lane

Pumpkins are first sold
Then carved out and left alone
Beware the lit ones.

-Kelsey Ervi

Watch for the vampire.
Oh no! He’s going to get…
It is too late now.

-Rachael Hibbs

The porch light is out
Annoying Trick-or-Treaters
No candy for you.

-Rachael Hibbs

Dude from I.L.S.
Gives me odd looks and asks for books
Scares me all year ‘round!

-Anonymous (we know who you are)


Most Cheerful

Candy and costumes
Create children with bright smiles
Happy Halloween

-Chris Johnson

Most Expressive

A spooky spider
Crawling along the carpet
Oh no! He scared me!

-Geoff Adams


Blood curling screams
Fill the night where kids lie dead
The boogey man feasts

-Miriam Uduebor

Rachael stands alone
Ominous third floor creaking.
Someone watches her.

-Chance Eakin

Most Bitter About Working on Halloween

Halloween is near
Big deal. I still have to work.
My boss is a jerk.

Close the library
Halloween for everyone.
That would be more fun!

Halloween is weird
So true. Plus, I need more cash.
I’ll quit talkin’ trash.


It’s Halloween now
Lots of fun and games to play
Oh wait, I’m at work

-Justin Vance

Suspiciously Written in the Same Handwriting

Lest he ne’er rebukes.
Witches and goblins and spooks!
Candy sweats and pukes.

-Christine Lagaly

Most Suspicious Name Misspelling

I would like to hear you scream.
Look out! It’s a bear!

-Stephen Variamas

Staff Section

Caramel* apples
Milk duds and laffy taffy
Sad day for braces

*Pronounce car-a-mel
-Mandi Marshall

Warm roasted turkey
Mom’s delicious pumpkin pie
Oops wrong holiday

-Mandi Marshall

“Sha’s Middle School Halloween Memory”
She wants to hang out
Raggedy Andy costume
We are friends no more.

-Mandi Marshall

Sweetest Halloween
Thy saccharine strains intone
A porcine refrain

-Jamie Duerksen

“Saint-Saens Inspiration”
La Danse Macabre
Earthly treasures all in vain
Death unites us all

-Alex Shiu

“Halloween Costumes”
Batman and Joker
Frankenstein and Indy
Minnie and Mickey

- Alex Shiu

I love to be seen
Going green on Halloween
That’s my smart car, fool.

-Pattie Orr

Most Disgruntled

Poor music student
Needs more CDs than allowed
Stingy library

-Justin Vance

Pumpkin Haikus

Glowing pumpkins grin
Faces lighted from within
Jesting, “Trick or treat!”

-Alicia Fuhrman

Pumpkins are first sold
Then carved out and left alone
Beware the lit ones.

-Kelsey Ervi

Monday, October 23, 2006

The envelope please...

We gathered a world-renowned panel of haiku and halloween experts to judge the first possibly-annual halloween haiku contest and after much deliberation, laughing, ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing, and head scratching, the top secret panel of judges have reached their decisions. There were many wonderful submissions (and even some really awful ones) representing the best (and worst?) of the library's clients and friends. We hope you enjoy this landmark literary journey as you prepare to celebrate Halloween.


Children be wary
Wisps of clouds surround the moon
Evil lurks unseen

- Kristen George

Seen here in a special invitation-only award ceremony, winner Kristen George witnesses the unveiling of the Haiku monument and receives a stunning slew of prizes including a dazzling array of Halloween related goodies and a new convertible.


I love Halloween.
Candy is bad for your teeth.
Just eat fruit that day.

-John Griepentrog


Cinnamon worries
Will the students write haikus?
We must wait and see

- Morgan Horan


Candy corn and gum.
Caramel Apples and Milk Duds.
Your dentist thanks you!

- Justin Vance


Hot dogs, cold cats, yum
Fried boogers, boiled rats, yum yum!
And me with no spoon.

- Jennifer M. Reeves

Quarter Finalists

Abundant candy
Rotting teeth and corpses scare
Halloween is here

-Philip Howard


What is Halloween?
Candy, pumpkins, creepy frights?
We may never know.

-Cleyera Martin

Happy Halloween
People dress up in costumes
Hooray for candy!

-Jenny Maurer


Costumes and candy
Black cats and Jack-o-Lanterns
Halloween is fun!!!

-Katie Thompson

Staff Picks

distant laughter heard
spindly branches claw the moon
children gather sweets

-James Michael Floyd


My puppy Festus
Trickster Dachshund, and a treat
True Halloweener

- James Michael Floyd


A Halloween Haiku Cycle


Trick-or-treaters rove.
Those greedy, selfish urchins…
I give them nothing!


I keep the lights off.
They come in droves, hands out-stretched…
Leave me, leave me be!


My jack-o-lantern!
Those scamps kicked it off my porch…
That’s the final straw!


I’ll burn my house down.
The flames will drive them away…
No trick or treat now!

-Jamie Duerksen

Honorary Mention

Best Unnecessary Rhyming:

Dressing up is fun
So is eating candy, yum!
This haiku is dumb.

-Meredith Pyle

Best Autumnal Haiku:

Leaves falling from trees
Carved pumpkins everywhere
Let’s bob for apples!

-KT Gunn

Poet Laureate:

Words translate our thoughts.
Thought too is a translation.
Thus, let us love change.

-Paul Ryan Godfrey


Best Clip Art:

Halloween is here.
Ghouls and Ghosts will come back tonight.
Don’t let Bed Bugs bite.

-Justin Vance


Best Last Line:

Dooby the pumpkin,
Loved the worm Booee Gooee,
‘til death do they part.

-Jennifer M. Reeves


Accidentally Vicious:

I’m not kniving
I like to smile a whole lot
You are depressing

-Karen Abrahamson


Best use of the word blouse:

Stephen is a louse
He wears a lavender blouse
He scares the children.

-Karen Abrahamson


The Haikan’t:

One, two, three, four, five
One, two, three, four, five, six, sev’n
One, two, three, four, five

-Cody Lang

The “Eww” Award:
Oh, my -- --- ---
You are so sweet and spicy
Please knock on my door



Best Archaic Holiday Reference:

On All Hallow’s Eve
I dressed up like Stephen B.
And all the kids grieved

-Kyle Babb